This website provides one location with a variety of opportunities for your child saving you time and frustration.  Looking for piano lessons, summer camps and soccer teams can be dauting.  As parents we spend much of our time on these tasks.  Activities 4 My Kid makes it easier for you by putting all the information in one place.
Reaching all the kids in the Five Town region can be challenging.  There are six public schools, a number of priavte schools as well as homeschooled kids.  Most organizations are run by volunteer parents who are already incredibly busy.  It is time consuming contacting all the schools and newspapers for each upcoming event.  
Originally from northern Maine, I moved to the midcoast region in 1999.  I live in Rockport with my husband and three active kids.  I created this website because as a mom who is involved in many of my kids activities I know how difficult it can be for organizations to advertise their events and reach all kids in the Five Town area.  I've also been the parent that was disappointed because I didn't know about all this community had to offer my kids.  The goal of this website is to have one place everyone can go to to stay informed.